NEW VIDEO: Rebelz Advakit – “FAB 5” ft. 3XG Spitz, Mr.118 & Mischief

Rebelz Advakit – FAB 5 ft. 3XG Spitz, Mr.118 & Mischief (Now Streaming)

New Track/New Visual, all at the same damn time! Check out Knowledge in this new Rebelz Advakit track featuring the homies 3XG Spitz, Mr.118 & Mischief. This Track and video came together organically, and everyone had a blast recording and shooting the video. You can expect more videos from Knowledge & Rebelz Advakit very soon, as well as the CHESS MOVES EP with Rebelz Advakit x Mischief the Rebel. That project will include this banger, and more!

See the video below, and leave your comments on the YouTube Channel. DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TOO!

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