HIGHLIGHT: “Fuck You” Hits Over 20k Streams on Spotify!

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A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING REACH THESE MILESTONES. Knowledge’s music was just separated from the profiles of other artists by the same spelling, as recently as January of this year. Since that happened, we have been able to consolidate all projects to the same profile on platforms like YouTube, Apple/iTunes, and of course, Spotify. What you see here is the result of organic promotion, word-of-mouth, personal playlists, etc.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that not a single dollar was given to any person or website to increase plays, or even to have a song added to a playlist to jumpstart the numbers for the public. We sat back and watched others boast inflated numbers that don’t match their followers or interactions. We also sat back and watched a ton of talented artists pump money into marketing campaigns, as they should, to invest back into themselves and their crafts… only to see the buzz for the project or song still fizzle out eventually. Honestly, this is what happens to me as well, more often than not.

But this song has treated me differently, and that is why I wanted to express my gratitude and document publicly that I am grateful and blessed to have people around the world just LISTENING TO and HEARING my message & music! This support garnered from the Spotify plays seems to have poured over into YouTube as well. Between the three uploads of “Fuck You” on YouTube, “cover art videos” and the Official Music Video, the views already total over 25,000. Statistics show that majority of those viewers came to YouTube and searched for the song manually, and it also happens to be the most Shazam-searched song in my catalog up to this point. So Again, THANK YOU ALL!!!

You can check out the comment section of the “cover art” video on YouTube to quickly get an idea of the worldwide reach of this track already, as most of the comments are representing countries all across the world. And you can check out the video below that, to see the official visual that was put together in response to the newfound success of this track from last summer until now. SHARE WITH SOMEONE WHO WILL LOVE IT!!!

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